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New FireCR+ Vet Scanner

New larger Equine DR

New Versatile DR System

Super slim DR Upgrade

The compact FireCR+ is the first digital x ray system that is cheaper than film  to use.

Unique flat scan design for a very compact scanner that delivers high resolution x rays in seconds.

FireCRVeterinaryScanner Vet DR meX+ 1210P Vet DR meX+ 1417P Vet DR Digital Upgrade

Larger active area than other equine DR systems. Completely portable with a new completely wireless  now available.

14” x 17” panel that can be used in existing tables and is completely portable for out of clinic imaging.

14” x 17” (35x43cm) DR panel that is the thickness size as a film cassette. A cost effective DR upgrade to your x ray table

 performance, image quality and cost effectiveness . Backed by first class advice and support   ”

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Vet DR meX+ 1210P Vet DR meX+ 1417P Vet DR Digital Upgrade
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For the launch of the new
FireCRVet Plus Scanner.

The best value digital x ray
system on the market.

Unbeatable show offers.